PROFIDA Administrator Edition

The PROFIDA software suite is endless scalable, extendable and can grow with your business in any direction. Its underlying structure makes it the ideal platform to achieve customisation in a relative short period of time.

The PROFIDA® Development Team is well-known for its quality customised developments and in-time-delivery within the financial services and insurance industry.

The Team has already successfully customised PROFIDA® for Administrators.

Customised extensions are seamlessly integrated within PROFIDA®. The customised facilities and functionalities solved already the following system challenges for our clients:

GAP Policy

A funeral administrator, who joined the PROFIDA® User Group in April 2008, is also marketing the niche product GAP.

The insurance pays out the difference in specialists' charges for the insured in the event of hospitalisation. It also covers the hospital deposit if not paid by the medical aid.

PROFIDA® was adapted to accomodate this unique product.

Customised Letterhead and Schedule of Benefit

An administrator is required to print letters and schedule only on a printed form approved by the underwriter.

The data for the schedules was adjusted to fit within the fields and format of the printed form. In addition a facility was developed that users could create their own letters, always fitting on the printed form.

Extended Data Mining Requirements

A call centre, who joined the PROFIDA® User Group in June 2005, untertakes regularly marketing campaigns to its client database.

Clients signing up for a specific cover get allocated an internal member number, which code to which campaign the client signed up for. This prevents that the client is targeted again with the same offer.

A field for the member number was included in the PROFIDA® user interface. In addition PROFIDA®'s data mining and grouping capabilities were extended to filter for specific member numbers and group clients according to campaigns.

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