Short-Term Insurance

PROFIDA Underwriting Edition

The PROFIDA software suite is endless scalable, extendable and can grow with your business in any direction. Its underlying structure makes it the ideal platform to achieve customisation in a relative short period of time.

The PROFIDA® Development Team is well-known for its quality customised developments and in-time-delivery within the financial services and insurance industry.

The Team has already successfully customised PROFIDA® for many specialist underwriting agencies or niche insurance provider.

Customised extensions are seamlessly integrated within PROFIDA®. The customised facilities and functionalities solved already the following system challenges for our clients:

Insurance products with combined non-life and life cover

A cell captive offers top up (non-life) and credit life cover complementing each other. PROFIDA® could provide the solution to manage both, the short-term and the life policy, for the same policyholder.

Unconventional marketing structure

A UMA was looking for a platform to manage its unorthodox yet successful distribution via car dealerships. It found in PROFIDA® a solution to cater for different and nested commission structures as well as hierarchies.

The specific requirement for the customisation could be achieved in that the facility is as flexible and user-friendly for users to add new dealers and their commission structures at any time.

Import facility

For a cell captive the PROFIDA® Development Team provided an interface to import client and policy data from XML and CSV files on a daily basis.

Niche insurance products

An underwriting agency offers to landlords insurance cover against default payments by tenants. The agency found a customised solution with PROFIDA® to

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