PROFIDA Professional Edition

PROFIDA is employed either as

The licence fee is charged

Option Solution Hosted By
A Desktop n/a
B Web-based PROFIDA Servers
C (Minimum of 10 PROFIDA licences) Web-based Your/3rd Party Servers
D (Minimum of 10 PROFIDA licences) Combined (Desktop and Web-based) Your/3rd Party Servers

All options can be either leased on a monthly basis or purchased outright.

Monthly Subscription of PROFIDA Licences/Logins Outright Purchase of PROFIDA Licences/Logins
Subscribe to PROFIDA® Licences on a month-to-month basis Purchase the right to use PROFIDA® Licences for an indefinite period of time

The Monthly Licence Fee Subscription is a month-to-month contract, which can be converted into an outright purchase of PROFIDA® Licences/Logins at any time.

For a quote please Contact Us.

With the acquisition of PROFIDA® Licenses the following services are available:

Service Outright Purchase of Licences Monthly Licence Fee Subscription
Application Support via PROFIDA® HelpDesk Included with purchase Included with subscription
Maintenance & enhancements applied via PROFIDA® Update Manager Subscribe to Monthly Update Facility or purchase update files Included with subscripton
Technical Support during re-installation Included with purchase Included with subscription

Click on Installation and Setup for information on installation and hardware & software requirements.

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