PROFIDA for Financial Planners

PROFIDA® is a financial planning and practice management software suite for financial planners and intermediaries advising life and/or investment products.

It is a certified Astute-partner since May 2002. With just one click of the mouse PROFIDA connects to the Astute website and downloads pre-selected clients' policy information directly into PROFIDA®. The downloaded data is seamlessly processed for Portfolio Schedules, Financial Planning and data mining. It also obtains daily price feeds for unit trusts, shares and forex from the JSE.

PROFIDA®'s financial planning is a high-sophisticated and transparent process with all calculations accounted for. It uses an actuarially sound model to determine shortfalls or surpluses. Assumptions and settings for inflation, growth and interest rates are transparent and adjustable at any time. All relevant tax is accommodated.

PROFIDA® also assists financial planners and advisors with record keeping (user, date and time stamped) and document management as required by the FAIS act.

In addition financial planners can segment their client base into different categories according to the frequency of reminders for review. Mine the client base as well as manage campaigns and distribution of newsletters.

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