PROFIDA Administrator Edition


The costing is fee based only (no percentage of income or gross premium).

The licence fee is charged monthly or annually per concurrent user login. It includes the cost for the licence, maintenance and updates.

Our standard licence fee subscription is as follows:

Minimum Licence Fee (6 licences / users) For a quote please Contact Us.
The next 7 to 10 licences / users
The next 11 to 30 licences / users
31 users / licences plus
as of 100 users / licences

With the acquisition of PROFIDA® Licenses the following services are available:

Service PROFIDA Subscription
Customisation for product design as well as setup of rates, commission and fee structure For the once-off fee please Contact Us.
Application Support via PROFIDA® HelpDesk Included with subscription
Maintenance & enhancements applied via PROFIDA® Update Manager Included with subscripton
Technical Support during re-installation Included with subscription

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