Infinity Insurance Brokers in Roodeport

Insurance Administrator, Infinity Insurance Brokers in Roodepoort, has successfully implemented the PROFIDA Administration Edition.

Says Priscilla Fairley, System Administrator at Infinity, “Until a year ago we employed an in-house system for our commercial group scheme. The original developers had no interest in keeping it up to date and we also felt it was not very flexible. We realised that in order to keep up with technology we would need a system, which is flexible and is constantly updated with new features and functionality.

We contacted the PROFIDA User Group and were impressed what they said about the service levels of the PROFIDA Team and the continuous update cycles of PROFIDA.

This positive feedback and the fact that PROFIDA is developed by an independent software development firm focusing entirely on the insurance industry helped us in our choice.

And we were not disappointed”, exclaims Priscilla. “The system installation took less than one working day. Ease of use and short learning curve quickly enabled staff to become very efficient in capturing policy data.

After a year of using PROFIDA, Priscilla also feels that she gained more than she has bargained for: “Not only does PROFIDA run our entire business process of administering policy schemes, money collection and disbursement, bordereaux, and handles claims management. It also has all the processes in place to support FAIS compliance with respect to record keeping.”

All interactions with the client can be recorded on client, policy or claim level. Any external Windows-based file or scanned-in document can be linked to the records and can be viewed from within PROFIDA itself. For example a received fax is merely added to the client’s record and will always be available for viewing for all users. A history of policy schedules created is recorded as well, which provides an audit trail.

Says Daniel Putra, Managing Director of PROFIDA: “PROFIDA is also the first policy administration with a built-in Email program. Emails can be sent from and received within PROFIDA. This keeps all correspondence in one place. When it comes to audit traceability, PROFIDA date, time and user stamps all transactions. Therefore interactions with clients can be traced easily.”

“Data mining, which allows access to segments of the database with any kind of filter, incorporating labels, mail merge, customised letters and reports, gives us marketing abilities beyond our imagination on what a policy administration system would do for us”, exclaims Priscilla. “Contents of bordereaux, income and claim statistics can be copied in MS Excel for further data processing.”

“I also like the flexibility in administering different insurance products within PROFIDA”, adds Priscilla. “Changes to insurance product templates within PROFIDA can be effortlessly done and new insurance products are easily added by importing the new product template within two clicks of the mouse.”

“PROFIDA’s product section is extremely scalable and constantly growing. Currently it contains 38 insurance products”, says Daniel. “We specialise in accommodating any insurance or value added product available in the market. The PROFIDA product section ranges from domestic, corporate, commercial, agriculture, engineering, marine, to niche products like hospitality, 4x4, equestrian, top up cover, credit life, landlord and tenant insurance to name a few. PROFIDA is also geared towards the trend to add funeral cover to entry-level short-term insurance products.”

“The original idea of keeping abreast with technology has turned into exponential growth opportunities with PROFIDA”, exclaims Priscilla, “as the PROFIDA administration platform lets us expand our product range in any direction.”