SF Risk Management & Insurance Consulting, Cape Town

Past president of the IISA (Cape of Good Hope) Gerald Timmerman, known to everybody as Tim, has chosen PROFIDA Administrator Edition as the core system in his brokerage SF Risk Management & Insurance Consulting.

In addition to providing general, commercial and marine cover, Tim specialises in insurance for Golf Estates, including the personal insurance needs of its residents.

Says Tim Timmerman, “Golf Estates are mostly organised as Body Corporates with very special needs in terms of insurance and liability to their residents. In respect of paperwork for example, policy schedules need to state all property details (erf, unit, rate, value) of each owner.

To my knowledge at that time, there was no system available that could manage Property Unit Tables. I approached the PROFIDA Team and was impressed by how quickly my explicit product and administration requirements were grasped. In a very short period of time my requirements were implemented in the form of an easy-to-use step-by-step update wizard.”

Daniel Putra, Managing Director of software development firm Computer Science Software, adds, “PROFIDA’s programming language, Java, makes improvements or specific requirements easily realisable. This competitive advantage benefits the whole PROFIDA User Community. We passionately interact with our users and closely monitor their feature requests. These are implemented with each and every periodic update. PROFIDA Users across South Africa conveniently and effortlessly apply these updates, delivered over the Internet, with just a few clicks of the mouse.”

Tim also cites the user-friendliness of the Financial Accounting, Money Collection and Disbursement Facilities. Endorsements are automatically applied and printed when issuing the updated policy schedule.

“Visiting Golf Estates and their residents on a regular basis make me reliant on the PROFIDA Replication Technology. Having the latest information at my fingertips during my visits imparts professionalism and is very important to me. PROFIDA is loaded on my laptop and I record all requested changes to policies on the spot. Afterwards, back at the office, I simply log on to the network and all my work is replicated and can be immediately taken care of by my staff.”

“Our leading replication technology means on-the-move marketers can quickly exchange data between their laptop and office desktops”, says Daniel Putra. “The same principle is used when replicating data from local branches to head office. PROFIDA has revolutionised the replication process by removing the need to employ and maintain expensive software and special setups like VPNs. This makes replication much more effective and affordable in the industry.”